The Penny Postcard Penny Collector Tri-Fold Book - Insert a postcard and press on! - Order in increments of 5 only

Type: Penny Book
SKU: 850038839536

The New Penny Postcard book by Pennybandz Tri-fold Pressed Penny Souvenir Book is designed to hold 60 pressed pennies. Select your favorite postcard and insert it into the cover: Postcard Dimensions: 4.25" x 5.6" Please see our selection of fun and unique postcards to insert

  • MSRP $8.99 
  • Margins of 64% PLUS increased penny machine revenue!
  • Holds 60 Pressed Pennies!
  • Thermo PU Vegan Leather is used for our book...NOT Vinyl
    • more like real leather
    • better feel and appearance
    • PU is greener than vinyl because it does not create dioxins
    • Select form Millions of Postcard designs to be inserted into the cover
      • Postcard size to be inserted: Dimensions: 4.25" x 5.6"
    • Insert your postcard and press on!


    • Youth - fits youth, teens and adults with a thin wrist
    • Adult - fits most adults
    • Adult XL - fits Extra Large wrist


    • Original Pennybandz Necklaces are one size fits all - 16" to 24" adjustable cord necklace 
    • PennyPalz necklaces are adjustable from 20" to as small as needed - they are attached by a breakaway clip for extra safety


    • All keychains are attached to a 1" key ring


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